Lately, many professional people (authors, editors, publishers, and researchers) have been querying me through the contact form on my personal blog page. I think an editor at Everyday Feminism somehow linked one of my articles to the blog.

It was an awkward anomaly at first, but now—with floods of emails coming in—it’s all-out embarrassing! The blog was never meant to be a professional website. It was definitely a repository for the ridiculous musings of a slightly lost twenty-three year old.

So I’ve decided to turn that site into a semi-professional thing. Editors can solicit from me and critics&trolls can rant at me without having to scroll through my personal drivel.

But my personal drivel has to go somewhere! And so mint & ink is born. Here, I will dispatch all my journal-like rambles on books and poetry and linguistics and classical history. Here, I will relegate all my aesthetic and pop culture squealing. Here, I will talk about what I think is brilliant or beautiful without clogging anyone’s feed.

So yes, here you can find uncensored digressions on anything I love or feel for. A snippet of such a list: mythology, Claudia Rankine, the plays of Sophocles, multilingualism, the politics of food, Little Women, etymology, Avatar/The Legend of Korra, Phil Levine, YA novels, coffee, Taiwanese sovereignty, representation in popular culture, Dean Young, education systems around the world, Maya Angelou, Harry Potter, travel & adventure, anti-colonial (NOT post-colonial) literature, Calvin and Hobbes, cute raiment, academia & the ivory tower, global citizenship, Seattle, intersectional social justice.

Follow me if you’d like, but I feel just fine inking out into the void. Fair warning: you should probably stay away if you aren’t okay with unreticent feminists or excessive ampersands.



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