my cup of tea: looseleaf edition 1

my cup of tea: Lists of things I adore & want to signal boost. Some have structure/theme, some don’t. Looseleaf Editions are the ones that don’t. For more in the my cup of tea series, amble here


Anoosha Syed’s Foxville Art


Anoosha is a visual development artist based in Canada, formerly in Switzerland. She created the portrait of me that I use for my blog on the sidebar.

She has a forest princess/fierce female character/mermaid pastels aesthetic that I adore. I especially love her character sketches of roaring twenties Korra & Asami (pictured above) and her modern Disney princesses. (Seriously check out her Hijaabi Princess Jasmine. Gorgeous!) She was most recently featured on this Huffington Post article on black Harry Potter characters for her adorable dark-skinned Hermione artwork.

You can buy her art directly or through Society6. (I recently bought this galactic whales mug as a gift for an astrophysicist friend.) She also takes commissions.

More Links: Anoosha’s portfolio/site. Tumblr. Instagram. Facebook.

The Moonrise Kingdom Collection by She Loves Dresses x Crowned Bird

Jenny Baquing wearing the Genna, a dress “for explorers, dreamers, and fantasy-lovers.”

This is the new capsule collection created through a partnership between Priscilla Barroso of Crowned Bird and my friend Jennifer Baquing of She Loves Dresses. Five vintage-inspired dresses, intricately designed & hand-stitched. Shop here. Orders will be accepted until August 15.

The Moonrise Kingdom Collection, inspired by the Wes Anderson tale of a young runaway romance, is designed in mind for raven-eyed girls made of bubblegum and pink ink. Nuzzled in between the niche of new and nostalgia, these dresses are to be donned while sneaking kisses from your campfire cologne beau.

My hands-down favorite of the collection is Genna, the mint chip lace dress pictured above. It’s named after author and explorer Genna Nicole Dacanay.

And lucky lucky lucky! It just so happens that She Loves Dresses x Crowned Bird are doing a dress giveaway right now! Hurry and run over to Jenny’s Instagram page to see how you can win any dress from the line of your choosing! Giveaway closes next week, on August 9.

Matika Wilbur’s Project 562


Matika Wilbur is a Swinomish and Tulalip photographer. Project 562 is her ongoing epic adventure to photograph members of each federally recognized Native tribe in the United States. Wilbur says of her work:

Project 562 creatively addresses and remedies historical inaccuracies, stereotypical representations, and the absence of Native American images and voices in mass media and the national consciousness. I believe that there is an open space that is yet to be filled- that space is authentic images and stories from within Native America. My work aims to humanize, the otherwise “vanishing race”, and share the stories that our people would like told.

My husband Robert, who is indigenous, loves Wilbur’s work. At one point, he was even in talks with Matika to have her do a portrait of my mother-in-law Monica, a badass Tlingit businesswoman. Unfortunately, logistics did not work out.

Last year, we attended Project 562’s inaugural exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum in Washington State. And Wilbur’s project has been growing ever since. We love following it, even all the way from Morocco. You can follow Matika on Facebook or Instagram or her travel blog too. The blog also has a link to donate to Project 562.



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