my cup of tea: looseleaf edition 2

my cup of tea: Lists of things I adore & want to signal boost. Some have structure/theme, some don’t. Looseleaf Editions are the ones that don’t. For more in the my cup of tea series, amble here

Passion Planner


This list-loving, paper-addicted, focus-seeking girl desperately wants a Passion Planner. Despite the mess of my real-life workspace, I’m an avid scheduler and to-do list scribbler. My heart soars in stationary shops. And nothing beats the feeling of buying a new yearly planner & opening the pages of another chapter of possibilities and goals. I’ve kept a planner since elementary school, and I’m constantly creating action plans for my projects. The Passion Planner is the ultimate tool for such a lifestyle.

This is another thing I desperately want but can’t afford to pay the shipping price for. Alas. My future work-desk fantasy also includes a Classic Stay GOALden Passion Planner on top of my stacks of books and notes. These are so popular that they’ve sold out and are on backorder. Next year, I’ll be prepared to nab one!


Neko Atsume

neko1 neko2

Neko Atsume, or the cat collector game, is a Japanese app in which you can collect cats. That’s pretty much it. A few months ago, my brother messaged me telling me to download the Neko app asap. There were no explanations or detailed instructions to go with this demand. I did it and I never looked back.

This was before the English update. I started the game when it was entirely in Japanese, a language I don’t know at all. That’s how addicting it is. It transcends all language barriers. I won’t explain toooooo much. Just get it.

It’s free. It doesn’t need wifi. It doesn’t actually take up much of your time. And it’s a burst of adorable hilarity whenever you need it. (I needed it.)




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