fresh sprigs: edition 1

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Sip It Slowly, And Other Lessons From The Oldest Tea Book In The World

By Jeff Koehler, via NPR

I love tea & I love ancient tomes. What else can I say?

Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter and the racial divide in Seattle

By Ijeoma Oluo, via The Seattle Globalist.

Oluo is one of my favorite writers and The Globalist is one of my favorite publications. The “white liberals” of my heart-home city have long been a bane. Oluo is calling them out on the backlash over the Bernie Sanders speech interrupted by BLM activists. They are the kind of middle-class Democrats who “support marriage equality,” but ignore the suicide rates of trans kids, the murder rates of trans women of color, the marginalization of queer folk of color, etc.

Seattle needs to step up. Long have Seattleites pushed aside these issues: the gentrification of Seattle, the ignorance of our city’s history of deliberate racial segregation, the prioritization of “diversity” over the dismantling of systemic racism.

“The reaction to these protesters shed light on the hidden Seattle that most black people know well — the Seattle that prefers politeness to true progress, the Seattle that is more offended by raised voices than by systemic oppression, the Seattle that prioritizes the comfort of middle-class white liberals over justice for people of color.”

Oluo’s powerful article shuts down any arguments against the two BLM activists who demanded to be heard. If you read this, and you’re still criticizing them instead of criticizing our hetero-patriarchal white supremacist system, then I have nothing left to say to you but this: #BlackLivesMatter. #NoJusticeNoPeace.

84 Films By and About Women of Color, Courtesy of Ava DuVernay and the Good People of Twitter

By Jai Tiggett, via IndieWire

A paltry list, but a vital one. I plan to watch all of these, even though I’m not an avid film watcher. (I much prefer other media.) Even though we’ve got brilliant people in the industry like DuVernay, we’re still a long long long away from equal representation—let alone true justice.

An excerpt from “On Paradise.”

By Roger Reeves, via PEN Poetry Series

Reading this poem made my throat close, made me gasp for air, made me half-sob. Please, please, please read it. But be careful. Make sure your gut feels strong when you do.